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Drone-assisted Inspection of Lightning Protection

Bladecare AB, an independent Scandinavian provider of wind turbine blade maintenance services, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with TOP SEVEN GMBH & CO. KG to use its innovative technology on the movie review Scandinavian market.

Bladecare uses various automated technologies to offer a range of preventive maintenance services including cleaning, inspection and repair. The company’s goal is to help customers to maximise their annual energy production and availability by reducing downtime.

TOPseven, a company based in Germany, specialises in using AI to make drones smarter. The company has developed an internationally patented technology for the visual inspection and contactless measurement of lightning protection systems for onshore wind turbines. TOPseven’s technology allows its customers to perform automated drone inspections independently for the first time.

This partnership will allow Bladecare to offer even more advanced services to its customers on the Scandinavian wind turbine market and TOPseven will benefit from Bladecare’s extensive experience and expertise on the Scandinavian market.

Bladecare CEO, Samir Lodhi, said, “We are very excited about this partnership with TOPseven. Its innovative technology for drone inspections will complement our existing services and help us to offer even more value to our customers. We look forward to working together and driving forward the wind turbine industry in Scandinavia.”

TOPseven CEO, Knud Rissel, added, “Bladecare is a respected and experienced company in the wind turbine industry in Scandinavia and we are excited to be entering into this partnership. Together, we will introduce our innovative technology to the Scandinavian market and make the wind turbines there even more efficient and reliable.”

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