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Apple is planning to bring reverse wireless charging to iPhones

Apple is always in keen planning to bring wireless charging and showed true focus by supporting Qi wireless charging standards for many years. But now the firm is planning to offer reverse wireless charging on iPhones which can soon change, as per the latest safety sign printing reports.

As per the report, Apple is planning to work on the development of these features even though it has faced multiple challenges and delays because of engineering issues. The report further states that Apple had plans to support the technology on the latest iPhone 14 Pro models. Further, Apple always wanted its hardware to be fine-tuned with the software but it seems Apple is finding it difficult to deal with it.

Further, it seems that the iPhone has managed to integrate a lot of features but the simple task of charging an AirPod on the iPhone wirelessly has been a pipedream. On the other hand, Samsung is offering people spending upwards of Rs 1 lakh and would ideally expect Apple to have it in their armoury as well.

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